The Talmadge Art show is a homegrown, quality handmade art show produced and showcased in San Diego, CA.

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May 19th, 2019 Art Show

Upcoming Spring Art Show: May 19, 2019

Now accepting applications for upcoming art shows. See available dates on application.

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Nov 19th, 2019 Art Show

Winter Art Show: November 19, 2019

Now accepting applications for upcoming art shows. See available dates on application.

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Sharon on NBC promoting the Talmadge Art Show


Some of our amazing artists offered a once-in-a-lifetime, hands-on art class on-site at the CVA Show on October 21, 2018 at the SD Marriott Del Mar.


Paint and Be

Instructor: Linda Bounds

Learn to see like Monet and paint like a master. Join Linda Bounds and you will take home an original work of art—yours! You’ll be painting Monet’s “Les Coqueliquots”, The Poppies.


Glass on Glass Mosaic

Instructor: Marlene Recht and Sheryl Snyder

Learn glass on glass mosaic techniques where uncolored and clear glass is used to create a beautiful glass window. Starting with a framed piece of glass, you’ll use a combination of vintage glass objects including stones and tiles to create your own piece.


Hear from some of our attending artists about their experience at Talmadge Art Show.

Talmadge Art Show has been a gift to the public for many years. It is the best art show in San Diego, and gives local artists a venue for their creations. Sharon and Alan are wonderful to work with. The Talmadge show is the only show I do where help is available to help you get your merchandise in and out, and set up, and have people on hand so artists can take a break throughout the show. Sharon and Alan go above and beyond in producing the show and in how they treat all the artists and all of our clients. They continue to add features to the show to enhance the experience for all who attend in any capacity; like the art classes that have been recently added. Talmadge Days are a highlight! I cannot thank them enough. A very professionally and competently produced show.

Bonnie Bowman Long Time Talmadge Artist

Your ongoing support for the local art scene in San Diego has been a valuable asset to our community and one of the main reasons I enjoy participating. Your professionalism on every level has helped make the Talmadge Art Show an event that enriches and truly benefits all San Diegans. Thank you for encouraging the arts at a time when we really need it

Laurie Mika Mosaic Artist, 25 year participant in TAS

I’ve been a vendor at Talmadge Art Show since 2006 and have seen it grow by leaps and bounds. Events are run smoothly and efficiently, with extensive advertising and a sizable mailing list. The producers know how to draw a crowd and operate it like the business that it is. All of this translates to the success of vendors too. As an independent artisan, this is a must-do show for me.

Lauren Sng ABC Rags, Showcasing since 2006