Current Attending Artists

List of artists for the Talmadge Art Pop-Up Show on Saturday, July 28, 2018

Pola Allen |  Precious Stones Jewelry Design

Marion Renee Birdine |  Handpainted Bags, Pillows & Jewelry

Mary Brown  |  Stone and Silver Jewelry

Lilian Cartwright  |  Jewelry Inspired by the World

Robin Cuevas  |  Hand-Knit & Digital Home Décor*

Carol Dorman |  Large Statement Stone & Pearl Jewelry

Jana Falco | Children’s Hats & Accessories

Gabriela Ferrin  |  Mixed Metal & Clay Designs

Valerie Hebert | Needle Felted Art

Leslie Holman | SunRay Creations*

Rosemary Hurni | Design Art Jewelry

Mona Ledwin | Silver Cast Jewelry

Patti & Bill O’Neill | Gem & Pearl Design Jewelry*

Chuck Partridge | Unique Stones

Carol Roberts | LuLu LilyBird Jewelry

Debbie Schmeling | Couture by the Sea

Alessandra Thornton | Islander Inspired EcoJewels*

Miki Yamamoto | Functional Art Pottery

Natasha Yetman | Bead & Woven Jewelry