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The Talmadge Company promotes artists on their website in two different ways. Please make a selection below if you are interested in one of these options and we will contact you to coordinate details.
Option 1: Basic Artist Listing
Includes a featured/profile image, link to website, link to email and other contact information. $25 per artist listing.
Option 2: Preferred Artist Listing
Includes a unique Artist’s page featuring multiple images, profile write-up, link to website, link to email and other contact information. $75 per artist listing.
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Only artists displaying their own original art will be able to participate in the Talmadge Art Show. Information pertaining to the artist's work is permitted. Submitted artwork in photos for either the mailer or the website are not required to be at the Talmadge Art Show, but must accurately represent the type of work displayed and sold at the Talmadge Art Show. Talmadge Art Show reserves the right to request removal of displayed work that does not reflect that which is submitted. (i.e. crafts, other artists' work, etc.) Absolutely no imported, manufactured or mass-produced items, kits or articles not made in total by the artist. The only exception is re-manufactured items (i.e. items made from other products such as purses from sweaters, or embellished boxes, etc.). Participating artists must be in the booth space selling during all event hours. The booth must be staffed by the artist and there can be support staff as well. Artists are responsible for the transportation, installation, insurance and security of their work. Talmadge Art Show, its organizers, sponsors, volunteers, affiliates, and the Liberty Station Conference Center, or any other venue where the Talmadge Art Show is produced, accept no responsibility for loss/accidents/injury/damages. Talmadge Art Show retains the right to use photographic images of artists and/or their artwork for advertising and promotion purposes. Once accepted into the show, all fees are non-refundable. A commission is collected on all sales and the Talmadge Company will pay the sales tax. Talmadge Art Show reserves the right to refuse registration to anyone for any reason. All decisions are made ultimately at the discretion of the Talmadge Art Show.


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